Continuous design, latest system updates, many feature developments, perfect shape and functionality. BWEX gives you everything you need for trading in a simple and intuitive look. 40% share profit for token holder.

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About BWEX

BWEX business model is simple. we takes (0.1%) fee for each transaction. The large number of happy customers will bring larger volumes, which also result in greater profits. Our first target is 500 Million (In USD) daily trading volume within 12 months of launch. The second target is 2 Billion (In USD) daily trading volume within 5 years.

Customer Search Strategy

Having a customer search strategy is very important in a business, especially for businesses in the heavily populated cryptocurrency industry. We believe in how marketing contacts customers. The cryptocurrency community is huge and the news of excellent service will spread quickly. On an international scale, we will spread this message with campaigns pioneered by local managers. Our message is simple and easy to understand by everyone: very small fee + amazing service.


To become one of the favored exchange tools and create new standards for cryptocurrency exchanges by prioritizing user satisfaction.

Low fees for everyone
Capable to cover million transactions per second
Great Security and privacy
Easy use interface and fast access
24/7 Live support with fastest response
40% profit share for token holder
Simple and Powerfull API
Zero Confirmation System

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